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    Satin is our hair's closest friend but exactly how can you incorporate satin protection to that part of your hair where there's constant friction along with your clothing the whole day? Our nape locks are an extremely sensitive section of our hair because its fragile and more prone to breakage.

    friction with clothing
    With hair breaking off on the nape, it's tough to keep up an adorable hairstyle. Losing my nape hair was just about the most upsetting experience of my natural hair journey. With my natural hair confidence waning, I felt so blessed when I got the concept for that satin nape hair protector also called SNHP. Our satin nape hair protector will help to prevent nape hair breakage at the office, on the road or anywhere you might find yourself. We love our satin bonnet at night but we certainly cannot wear them in the daytime. Hair's friction with clothing is not going to help us to keep up a healthy nape hair. Our satin nape hair protector will!!!

    In addition, it prevents products from climbing on your clothing which over time might cause damage. You can use our product on jackets scarves, shirts, blazers, something that features a collar and touches your nape hair, our SNHP can protect your strands.

    SNHP is produced with no velcro or elastic tie and ensures no friction or breakage with your hair!

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